We Go Deeper for You

While goal setting and planning are critical, Touchpoint Financial Advisor Group takes the process deeper to understand the “why” behind your particular financial goals. This enables us to make sure the appropriate steps are taken to help bring you into alignment with your goals.


Retirement Planning

By diligently planning, saving, and investing, we'll help empower you to enjoy a secure, fulfilling retirement, pursue your passions, and leave a lasting legacy.


Investment Management

We'll provide the strategy and guidance to help you manage and protect your wealth, opening doors to new opportunities and the potential for long-term financial security.


Risk Management

By identifying potential challenges and preparing for unexpected events, we'll help you safeguard your financial well-being and confidently embrace the journey ahead.


Estate Planning

By creating a thoughtfully designed plan, we'll give you confidence that your hard-earned assets as well as your values are passed down for generations to come.


Tax Planning

We help minimize the tax burdens you face now and in the future by understanding your unique circumstances and guiding you to successfully navigate evolving tax laws.


College Savings Strategies

By exploring appropriate college funding strategies, we help you give your children a quality education and greater opportunities without the burden of student debt.